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DE Free Dust Bath 16 lbs


Dust baths are essential to any chicken’s physical and mental health. In the wild, chickens dust themselves to clean their feathers, remove parasites such as red mites and lice, play, and relieve stress. Every coop should have a dust bath to ensure the entire flock is healthy and happy.


Oregon Naturals Dust Bath is high quality, uses sustainable materials and is all natural. It is also specifically formulated for poultry and is an ideal particle size to penetrate and clean your flock’s dense feathers.


Our diatomaceous earth free blend is made with soil, sand and peat moss.


Key Benefits

-All-natural, sustainably acquired ingredients.

-No additives or other fillers.

-Promotes mental and physical wellbeing of your flock.

-Encourages natural grooming behaviors.

-Recycle your flock’s dust bath as a nutrient rich soil additive for gardening!